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The Toronto ABI Network

helps hospitals and community-based programs connect people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) to the services they need. A recognized leader in ABI, we work to improve access to high quality, publicly funded ABI services and support.

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Accessing Adult Day Services and Groups
March 16, 2018
By: ABI Network
Looking for adult day services and groups for your clients? Join us March 28 at 12 noon for an overview of adult day...
Accessing Community Support Services
March 2, 2018
By: ABI Network
Questions about community Support services for your clients? Join us March 7 at 12 noon for an overview of community...
Accessing ABI Services - Webinar Series Launches Jan 31st
January 23, 2018
By: ABI Network
Finding it hard to find the right services for your patients/clients? Wondering about wait times? Have questions...
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