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ABI, Mental Health and Addiction

Many individuals with brain injury struggle with co-existing issues such as mental health, addictions, developmental issues and involvement with the justice system.

A 2011 Toronto ABI Network survey found that:

  • Among ABI service providers, 94 per cent of respondents were working with clients with both ABI and mental illness.
  • Among mental health providers, 92 per cent of respondents were working with clients with both ABI and mental illness.

But clients often face challenges in accessing the health services they need in a coordinated manner.

The Toronto ABI Network is leading efforts to improve service coordination and availability and to develop and improve partnerships among sectors.

As a member of the Toronto Regional Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee (T–HSJCC) and co-chair of the T-HSJCC Service Resolution Committee, the Toronto ABI Network leads regular discussions between and across sectors on how to break down barriers to services for individuals with co-existing health issues.

The Network actively supports T-HSJCC initiatives with the ABI, mental health and addiction, and justice sectors. These include:

  • Developing and implementing a service resolution process to address gaps in the system and better meet the needs of complex clients who face system barriers and access issues. (2014-2017)
  • A one-year pilot (2017-18) of a part-time Service Resolution, Justice Coordinator position to leverage existing resources to improve support for clients with complex mental health and justice needs. The coordinator will work with situation and service resolution tables that bring health, social service agencies and other stakeholders (police, lawyers, persons with lived experience) together to address the needs of individuals at risk.

For more information on this project, contact Stephanie Gloyn, Regional Implementation Coordinator.

Rhona Zitney, Service Resolution, Justice Coordinator, can be reached at 416-482-4103 ext 381, or by e-mail at