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The Network provides navigation support and manages referrals to ABI outpatient, ambulatory care programs and community-based services, in addition to processing referrals to inpatient rehabilitation for hospitals that utilize fax instead of the Resource Matching and Referral (RM&R) electronic system.

Our standardized, easy-to-use forms give service providers who receive referrals the information they need on an individual's status and specific rehab/care/medical needs.  This information also supports continuity of care as individuals move across the system. 

At a system level, standardized informationhelps the Network to identify trends in referral patterns, to determine how well patient needs are met by existing services and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Please Note as of June 2015, referrals to outpatient rehab and community based services must be done by completing the newly revised ABI Community Profile form.  The previous two forms: 'ABI Community Profile' and the 'Form for Physicians', have been merged into one revised version.

Please ensure you are using the newly revised ABI Community Profile form to submit your request(s).

* Information is tracked in an aggregate format and no patient-specific information is reported. 
**These forms are periodically modified. To make sure you are using the most current version, please download it from this webpage.