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Demand for specialized services for individuals with concussion is on the rise in Toronto. The release of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation’s Concussion Guidelines in 2013 generated increased awareness of the importance of concussion care and led to increased wait times for related services.

In late 2014, the Toronto ABI Network created a Concussion Task Group of representatives from specialized brain injury centres to review the needs of individuals with concussions and how they currently move through the system. The group is clarifying how the guidelines can support decision-making at the point-of-care so that timely referrals are made to the most appropriate service(s). The group will also address identified inefficiencies within the referral process.

The objectives of the Concussion Task Group are to:

  • Confirm admission criteria standards for those with concussion and/or post-concussive syndrome as their listed diagnosis.
  • Revise the ABI Network’s referral forms, ABI Client Community Profile and ABI Service Referral Form for Physicians, to improve efficiency in the referral process. 
  • Develop a resource list of additional services that clients can access to address the various symptoms that present with a concussion/mTBI or post-concussive syndrome, particularly for individuals who present years post injury. 

The ABI Network will also conduct a current state analysis of service accessibility across services that assess and treat people with symptoms after a concussion/mTBI.

Additional Resources is the website of the Concussion/mTBI Strategy, which aims to improve the recognition, diagnosis, and management of concussion/mTBI in Ontario. The site provides resources for medical and non-medical professionals, researchers and those interested in advancing practice and policy in relation to concussion/mTBI.