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Early Notification Form

The ABI Early Notification Form can be completed for patients with an ABI where it is anticipated by the team that the patient is expected to benefit from inpatient ABI rehab, but the patient is not yet rehab ready and repatriation is being planned. This form will be used by the ABI Network to track and follow up on patients that are repatriated back to their home hospital.

  • Once the patient has progressed to rehab ready status, a full inpatient ABI rehab referral is to be completed by the patient's current care team and sent to the Network. 

For any questions, please contact the Network office at 416-597-3057 or

Inpatient Forms

The GTA Rehab Network Integrated Acute Care to Inpatient Rehab/CCC Referral Form must be used for referrals to all inpatient rehab programs.

To make a referral, please complete the fax cover sheet and referral form, attach all the documentation requested and fax to the Toronto ABI Network office at 416-597-7021. These forms are periodically modified. To make sure you are using the most current version of the form you require, please download it from this web page.

For suggestions on how to complete the inpatient referral, refer to the Inpatient ABI Referral Guide - What to include in the Referral Form (Also included below, under "Additional Resources")

Questions? Visit our Referrals FAQ page.

Additional Resources