About Us


Connecting People with Services

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month and Toronto ABI Network members have joined across the country to raise awareness about acquired brain injuries.

We support their work to address the needs of people with ABI by providing the following comprehensive navigation support:

  • Referrals to community/outpatient services: We help find programs or services for patients/clients and manage referrals to Outpatient ABI rehab, community support services, supportive housing programs, mental health services and recreational and vocational programs.
  • Referrals to inpatient programs: We manage inpatient referrals for hospitals that are not part of the Resource Matching and Referral (RM&R) electronic system.
  • Navigation Support: We help organizations and their clients navigate the health system and connect them with the right services.
  • Information for patients and families: We provide information to individuals and their families and help them access the services they need.

To access theses services, contact us at 416-597-3057 or abi.network@uhn.ca

To find out about ABI services in the GTA, check out the presentations from our 2018 webinar series.  Now available online.