Navigating from Acute Care to Rehab Webinar

This session was intended for health care professionals who work in an acute care hospital and take part in the referral process for inpatient ABI rehabilitation and/or discharge planning of patients with a brain injury.

The session covered:

  1. The inpatient ABI rehabilitation programs and the different streams
  2. Strategies that can be implemented in hospital to help your patient become ready for inpatient ABI rehab
  3. Applying to rehab: what to include in the application form
  4. Considerations for discharge planning if a patient is not a candidate for ABI rehabilitation

To view the presentation slides, click HERE

Featured Presenters:

  • Kim Sterling, Manager, Bridgepoint Sinai Health System
  • Julie Osbelt, Referral Coordinator, Toronto ABI Network
  • Miranda Hong, Service Coordinator, Toronto Rehab Institute/UHN
  • Lauren Schwartz, Service Coordinator, Toronto Rehab Institute/UHN
  • Lynn Suter, Clinical Practice Leader, West Park Healthcare Centre