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Family Medicine Forum 2012 workshop on concussion…

As part of this year’s national Family Medicine Forum 2012, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, three Toronto medical experts in the field of brain injury offered  a half-day interactive workshop on November 17, 2012 entitled:

A Needle in a Haystack: Diagnosing and Treating Concussion

Workshop presenters, Dr. Nora Cullen (Physiatrist, NeuroRehabilitation, Chief of Staff, West Park Healthcare Centre), Dr. Vanita Gopal (Family Physician), and Dr. Chanth Seyone (Director, Acquired Brain Injury Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network), explored the challenges faced by family physicians identifying and managing the difficult physical, cognitive and emotional issues that patients often face following a brain injury.

The workshop was well attended by approximately 200 delegates and provided information on:

  • The pathophysiology of concussions and approaches to its diagnosis and management
  • When an athlete can return to his/her sport after a bump on the head
  • The management of medical and psychiatric issues in patients with a brain injury
  • Assessing medical fitness to drive

To obtain a copy of the presentation, contact abi.network@uhn.ca.


Concussion Resource Card (November 2012)