For Professionals

ABI Guide for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs)

The Toronto ABI Network has developed a brief guide to assist Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) in caring for individuals with brain injury, mental health and addiction—which are often interrelated.

ABI can be an invisible disability that makes getting care to address mental health and addictions much more difficult. For example, an ABI can affect a person’s ability to see the need for treatment or make it difficult for them to understand and remember recommendations. If clinicians are unaware of the presence of an ABI, it can be difficult to provide appropriate, effective and compassionate care.

Uncovering invisible disability: Brain injury, mental health and addiction provides evidence-based information to help OHT clinicians and planners better understand the relationship between brain injury, mental health and addiction. The guide also provides practical recommendations and resources for OHTs on how to improve screening for ABI, accommodate the needs of people with ABI when addressing mental health and addiction issues and provide integrated care across the continuum.