For Individuals/Families

In the Community/At Home

After experiencing a brain injury, some people require additional support to live independently in the community. They might require the support of a case manager to help coordinate services and oversee their care plans. If this is needed, your health care team will make a referral to help you get this in place. Publicly-funded organizations that provide this type of service include Cota and Home and Community Care provided through your LHIN. You may also be able to access this service through a third party insurer.

Some people may not be able to return to work or school, but want to participate in meaningful and social activities. Adult day programs offer a variety of programs in a supported environment for people living with ABI. Eligible individuals can participate in group activities with minimal supervision.

The following organizations offer a variety of these day programs. The programs are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care so they are offered at no charge: Community Head Injury Resource Services (CHIRS)CotaWest Park Healthcare CentreMind Forward and York-Simcoe Brain Injury Services.