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Finding the right concussion clinic

If your concussion symptoms last longer than three months, you might need additional care.1 Your medical doctor or nurse practitioner can suggest other health care professionals to treat your prolonged symptoms. Prolonged symptoms are a variety of physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural symptoms that may endure for weeks or months following a concussion. 1

You may find clinics that offer concussion treatment near you; however, not all concussion clinics provide the same quality of care. If there is no concussion clinic near you, look for a team of professionals who will work together to manage your care. The team should include a medical doctor and other health care professionals (e.g., occupational therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, nurse practitioner).

Learn about the different professionals and what symptoms they can treat: watch videos


  • Clinics that offer a “quick fix.” Remember, recovery takes time and no single treatment is proven to cure symptoms or improve recovery from all concussions.
  • Any expensive or lengthy treatments that are not supported by research evidence. Ask questions so you can decide if it’s worth it for you to try something of unknown quality, particularly if you are being asked to pay for it. The provider should be able to tell you how they will track your progress to know whether the treatment is right for you or when the treatment will be finished.
  • A provider that offers to treat multiple aspects of a concussion or provide complete care (e.g., neck, vision, cognitive functioning). High-quality concussion care requires a team approach that includes a medical doctor and other health care professionals working together.

If possible, visit the clinic before making a decision. Ask a close friend or family member to go with you (or for you) if you are unable to go in person.

Download the following checklist for more information to help you choose the right clinic and avoid those that don’t offer quality services.

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