For Individuals/Families

Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is one of the tools doctors use to determine how serious a brain injury is.

The scale is composed of three parameters: Best Eye Response, Best Verbal Response and Best Motor Response.

It is scored between 3 (worst) and 15 (best). The score is reached by adding the number beside the applicable description in all three categories.

Best Eye Response (possible score of 4)

1. No eye opening.

2. Eye opening to pain.

3. Eye opening to verbal command.

4. Eyes open spontaneously.

Best Verbal Response (possible score of 5)

1. No verbal response

2. Incomprehensible sounds.

3. Inappropriate words.

4. Confused

5. Orientated

Best Motor Response (possible score of 6)

1. No motor response

2. Extension to pain

3. Flexion to pain

4. Withdrawal from pain

5. Localizing pain

6. Obeys Commands

Total possible score – 15

Teasdale G., Jennett B., LANCET (ii) 81-83, 1974.