System Navigation

Individuals with ABI have complex needs and specialized services are limited.

The Toronto ABI Network plays a critical navigation role. We help hospitals and community-based programs connect people with ABI to the services they need.

Our services

  • Referrals to inpatient rehabilitation
    The Network processes referrals to inpatient rehabilitation for hospitals that do not have access to Resource Matching & Referral (RM&R), the electronic referral system used in the Toronto Central and Central LHINs. The Network also monitors referrals with its acute care and inpatient rehab partners to ensure there are no flow issues and that all patients have equitable access.
  • Referrals to outpatient rehabilitation and community services
    The Network provides a single point of entry to outpatient ABI rehabilitation and community services such as recreational, vocational and supportive housing programs. Physicians, health care professionals and social service providers can make one referral and the Network will coordinate multiple referrals on the client’s behalf.
  • Navigation support providers
    The Network is a resource for health care professionals, physicians, and community service providers -helping them to recognize, assess and support people with ABI and connect them to the right services.
  • Central information source for patients and families
    The Network provides information to individuals and their families to help them find and access health care and social services.