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Network project evaluates access to concussion care

The Toronto ABI Network and project partners have received funding from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) to evaluate the current status of concussion care in Ontario. 

The project builds on a previous ONF survey and will gather and analyze Ontario data on the frequency of adult and pediatric concussions treated by family practice physicians, pediatricians and ER physicians and how often patients are referred to specialists. Data will be drawn from the physician OHIP billing data set, Ambulatory Care databases, insurance and WSIB databases, and other sources.

In addition, the Network will survey sports injury clinics and other specialized concussion care services in Ontario to identify available services and gaps in services.

This comprehensive analysis will lay the groundwork for an improved Ontario strategy for managing mild traumatic brain injuries.

Principle Investigators: 

Dr. Mark Bayley, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute/University Health Network
Charissa Levy, Toronto ABI Network

Project Team:

Brenda Barry, Insurance Bureau of Canada
Nancy Boaro
Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
Katherine Grant
, Provincial Trauma Network
Doug Maynard, Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centres
Dr. John Rizos
, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
Dorianne Sauve
, Ontario Physiotherapy Association