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Finding the Right Concussion Clinic

Post-concussion symptoms may last for more than three months; when this happens, it is recommended that additional care be sought for prolonged symptoms.1 Before choosing a clinic or group of professionals that will provide treatment for concussion symptoms, we recommend you ask questions. You need to be fully informed about their services and understand their expertise in treating those with post-concussive symptoms.

Finding the right concussion clinic is a resource developed by the Toronto ABI Network, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, and persons with lived experience. This resource contains a checklist to guide you in selecting the clinic or group of professionals who will treat you.

If you have symptoms that have lasted more than three months, speak to your medical doctor or nurse practitioner to help you identify what services you will require and use the checklist to help you find the right services.

Click HERE for more information and to download the checklist

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1 Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. (2018). Guideline for concussion/mild traumatic brain injury & prolonged symptoms.