Referral Forms

About Referrals

The Network provides hospitals and community-based organizations with comprehensive navigation support to find and access ABI inpatient and community-based rehabilitation and support programs for their patients/clients. We manage over 1,000 referrals and more than 1,100 calls each year

  • Inpatient programs: We manage referrals for hospitals that don’t use the Resource Matching and Referral (RM&R) electronic system. See Inpatient Forms.
  • Outpatient/ambulatory care programs and community-based services: We manage referrals to outpatient rehabilitation and community-based services such as mental health, recreational, vocational and supportive housing programs. See Community Form.

The Network also analyzes data* to identify trends in referral patterns, determine how well patients’ needs are met by existing services and identify opportunities for improvement.

* Information is tracked in an aggregate format and no patient-specific information is reported.