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Service Resolution, Justice Coordinator supports complex mental health & justice needs

More support is now available for Toronto-area organizations supporting clients with complex mental health and justice needs.

The Toronto Regional Human Service and Justice Coordinating Committee (T- HSJCC) has created a Service Resolution, Justice Coordinator position as part of a one-year pilot project (April 2017- April 2018). The pilot is focused on leveraging existing resources to provide better support for clients with current or emerging complex justice needs. Rhona Zitney, Mental Health Court Support Services worker with Fred Victor, has been seconded to the eight-hour/week position.

In her role, Rhona will work with direct service providers, existing situation and service resolution tables that bring health, social service agencies and other stakeholders (police, lawyers, persons with lived experience) together to address the needs of individuals at risk. Her responsibilities include:

  • Sharing information about the justice system
  • Providing guidance on navigating the justice system
  • Offering education and capacity development around the justice system
  • Identifying shared systemic service and policy issues related to presenting and emerging justice needs
  • Identifying possible solutions to shared systemic issues
  • Forming recommendations for further integration of justice supports into the existing system of situation and service resolution tables

The T- HSJCC is working with the Provincial System Support Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health on this pilot project. The Toronto ABI Network is a member of T- HSJCC and co-chair of the T-HSJCC Service Resolution Committee.

For more information about the project, please contact Stephanie Gloyn, Regional Implementation Coordinator, Stephanie.Gloyn@camh.ca

Rhona Zitney, Service Resolution, Justice Coordinator can be reached at 416-482-4103 ext 381, or by e-mail at rzitney@fredvictor.org