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Tracking the Demand for Complex Needs

The Toronto ABI Network is launching the Complex ABI Needs – Community Reporting Form to track and report on the challenges experienced by those with ABI who have complex service needs and are living in the community. The information will allow the Network to collect and analyze the scope of the issue and advocate for the necessary resources to meet these needs.

What is the form for?
The form allows you to summarize the needs of clients with complex issues that meet the following criteria:

  • Has a diagnosis of ABI; often in combination with other diagnoses (e.g., mental health, addictions) AND
  • Has cognitive, physical and/or behavioural needs that can’t be met by or exceed current resources AND
  • Requires multiple resources of a specialized nature (e.g., justice, housing, etc.)

How do I complete and submit the form?

The form can be completed by any service provider working with a client who meets the criteria and when all appropriate resources have been explored and exhausted. Download the Complex ABI Needs – Community Reporting Form.

Guidelines for completing the form are found HERE. Once it is completed, please submit the form to the Toronto ABI Network by fax at 416-597-7021 or email at abi.network@uhn.ca

What can I expect once the form has been submitted?

  • You will receive confirmation that the form has been received.
  • Depending on the issues, the ABI Network’s Referral Coordinator may provide additional recommendations and/or may offer consultation with other service providers.
  • The information will be reviewed and collated by the Toronto ABI Network.
  • The Network will summarize the data in regular reports and share them with those who submit data, Network members, policy-makers and funders to inform system change.

Questions? Contact us at 416-597-3057 or at abi.network@uhn.ca