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Update on ABI System Analysis

The Network’s ABI System Analysis Task Group is in the process of updating its analysis of ABI services to support a focused and comprehensive Toronto planning strategy for ABI services. The Network is using 2012/13 data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s (CIHI) National Reporting System, 2013 survey findings from hospitals that admit patients with ABI for rehabilitation, and referral data collected internally at the Network. Findings from this data analysis will be used to identify the system changes required to enhance access to inpatient ABI rehabilitation programs and to align current programs with standards of care.

Building on its earlier analysis, the Network is using the updated data to:

  • compare the resources/programming within the current ABI system to evidence-based recommendations
  • identify gaps and opportunities for enhancement across inpatient rehabilitation programs that admit patients with ABI
  • discuss findings with acute care and rehabilitation providers and outline next steps.

The Task Group’s goal is to move towards a best practice model where patients with ABI have timely access to inpatient rehabilitation and each rehabilitation program has the capacity to address a mix of patient needs, including the most complex. This initiative will provide an important framework for future system planning of ABI services.