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ABI Network champion receives Bruce Halliday Award

Dr. Donna Ouchterlony, a family physician who played a significant leadership role in the development of the Toronto ABI Network was recently awarded the 2013 Bruce Halliday Award for Care of the Disabled. 

Supported by the Research and Education Foundation of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Award recognizes a Canadian family physician who has made an exceptional contribution to the welfare of the disabled in his/her community through practice, teaching, research, or advocacy. 

“Dr. Ouchterlony’s leadership in the successful development and implementation of a standard ABI referral form, process and centralized wait list for access to inpatient rehabilitation resulted in a system-wide impact within only 18 months of the Network’s inception,” says Charissa Levy, Executive Director, Toronto ABI Network. “The Network was pleased to nominate Dr. Ouchterlony for this prestigious and well-earned recognition.”

Dr. Ouchterlony participated on the Network’s Advisory Committee from its inception in 1995 through 2002 and remains a champion for those living with ABI through her work as Director of the St. Michael’s Hospital Head Injury Clinic, the largest clinic of its kind in Ontario.