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Toronto ABI Network Launches a New Strategic Plan

The Toronto ABI Network has launched a new strategic plan to guide its activity over the next three years.

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan builds on the Network’s strengths while addressing changing needs and demands within the ABI community. Three strategic priorities are identified:

Transitions from Hospital to Community: Develop, implement and evaluate a comprehensive hospital-to-community transition strategy to enhance timely transitions and connect people to appropriate community supports and services following ABI

Service Coordination and Integration for People with Complex Needs: Enhance coordination and service integration to create capacity in the system for people with complex needs

Member Partnerships: Increase collaboration and partnerships among ABI Network member organizations to positively impact the lives of the clients we serve

The plan also establishes detailed tactics, activities and timelines for each of the priorities.

Network members were actively engaged in the strategic planning process over the past eight months through one-on-one interviews and two facilitated planning sessions.

Members affirmed the Network’s leadership role in managing a centralized referral system for ABI services, addressing system level issues related to ABI service delivery, promoting best practices and advocating for those with ABI. The strategic priorities identified in the new plan will continue to draw on these strengths.

The strategic plan was endorsed at the June 5th Advisory Committee meeting.